Melbourne, The Caffeine Infused Cauldron Reaches Boiling Point

Some people treat themselves to an alcoholic beverage, while others satisfy their lust for self-indulgence with the nicotine-fuelled fix of a crafty cigarette: ultimately, we all succumb to an inherent vice, a derivative of temptation and pleasure, with coffee emerging as a source of weakness for many Australians.

In the sun-kissed metropolis of Melbourne, a caffeine-inspired subculture has reared its head, with locals seeking their taste of temptation in the form of sumptuous drinks.

While coffee making is regarded by many as a routine procedure to the untrained eye, sub-standard products would be treated incredulously by the self-professed cafetiere connoisseurs whom call Melbourne home.

The forever-blossoming affinity between the residents of Melbourne and their treasured beverages has spawned a network of independent coffee shops; such is the preference for coffee provided by local businesses that mainstream heavyweights such as Starbucks have seemingly been ousted in the battle for high-street supremacy, with the retail rebellion against reputable, international brands reinforcing the necessity for high-quality caffeine.

A drink affiliated with socialites, perhaps it’s apt that coffee has pitched its figurative tent in a city branded most liveable city for seven consecutive years, thanks largely, to an enviable social scene and welcoming locals.

Local Baristas are revered by locals, stark contrast when compared with the levels of respect afforded to shop workers in the vast majority of countries; in the eyes of Australians, this is not just a job, but an art form facilitating the delivery of an essential life product.

Whether you’re a flat white fanatic, or espresso extraordinaire, there’s something to appease every palate.

With a repertoire of caffeine-infused institutions sprinkled in amongst the sun-kissed backdrop, cafe recommendations shouldn’t fall on deaf ears. Here are a few honourable mentions:

Market Lane Coffee

A coffee roaster, cafe and retailer devoted to the production of high quality coffee, the Melbourne born company is often heralded as the definitive coffee experience. The company harvest the philosophy that tasty coffee should not only be accessible and exciting, but also simple to understand and appreciate, a mindset indicative in a brewing process that avoids complications in order to deliver optimum enjoyment for the customer.


While this quaint establishment is void of any sitting space, the European/Melbournian fusion is home to outstanding coffee and a range of delicious pastries.

Clad in an army of coffee enthusiasts offering their pearls of wisdom, your mission to track a perfect coffee needn’t be an arduous struggle when visiting Patricia, named after the owner’s Grandmothers’.

The Kettle Black

One of the more refined options on the list, The Kettle Black delivers a stunning blend of traditional options and innovative grandeur.

An ideal option for coffee swillers seeking a more distinguished setting, The Kettle Black boasts delicious coffee, supplemented with a diverse food menu; with an abundance of delicacies up for grabs, including cured wallaby and chilli scrambled eggs and Benedict style eggs with braised pork shoulder & aerated hollandaise – just a couple of the options available on the delicious menu.

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