Sydney – Swim the Breadth of the Harbour City

A cosmopolitan city doused in diversity, Sydney is the epitome of urban grandeur. This captivating clash of iconic architecture, striking coastline and wonderful weather continually flabbergasts visitors with its radiant beauty, inimitable appeal and welcoming locals.

The Sydney spectrum continues to sway between the stranglehold of the sublime and inspiring, with the picturesque city boasting an abundance of diverse attractions.


Sydney’s penchant for perfection accentuates why it has established itself as one of the most desirable cities to visit for travellers the world-over; whether visitors are gazing incessantly at the curvaceous kinks of the Sydney Opera House, bronzing their precious, defined abdomens in lashings of sunshine at Bondi Beach or promenading across the immense structure of the Sydney Harbour Bridge, the treasure of Australasia continues to seduce visitors who choose to delve into the underbelly of its shores – even the local entertainment complex and ‘celebration space’ hasn’t managed to evade Sydney’s jovial lasso, with the hub for entertainment dubbed Darling Harbour, the concrete charmer a far cry from Manchester’s avoidable Arndale Centre and London’s  Oxford Street.

While the bustling core of the city undoubtedly packs a hefty punch capable of knocking out its fiercest competitors, the Royal Botanical Gardens are amongst some of the finest green space in the world, a majestic plot where visitors can temporarily leave life’s complications behind and adopt a temporary persona, a figure void of tribulations and bursting with intrigue, with just a repertoire of wild plants and the vague hum of the nearby rat-race for company.

As energy is slowly extinguished by hunger’s stranglehold, the city comes well armed with artillery of eateries that’ll leave the most fervent foodie weak at the knees. Whether it’s a quirky establishment to appease the nonchalant and stylish, or a refined restaurant for those with a more cultured palate, Sydney is home to a delectable dining extravaganza, serving beautiful breakfast, exquisite lunch and incredible dinner.

A select few cities tattooed on the world’s surface exude artistic flair, exuberance and an infectious energy; Sydney has cemented its status within this geographical sub-category with aplomb and the popularity train is showing no signs of slackening soon.


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